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Katsuya Yuasa


         Yamaha Young Performing Artist        Clarinet


“An excellent player, complete with a flexible and well-honed technique, a broad color palette, lyrical sound quality and a wonderful presence on stage.”


                                                                                     Michael Norsworthy

                                                                                     Selmer & Vandoren Artist

                                                                                     Professor of Clarinet

                                                                                     The Boston Conservatory

"A very talented young man with drive, ambition, creativity, self-esteem, and the ability to persist in pursuing ones goal. It makes me wonder what Mr. Yuasa will be sounding like in a few years if he continues on his current upward trajectory."


                                                                                     Frank Proto

                                                                                     American Composer/Bassist

                                                                                     Liben Music Publishers

"He has the rare ability to express the beauty and soulfulness of the composer's music, and a deep commitment to share his love of performing with others. His joy in making music is palpable when you watch him play. Don't miss any opportunity to hear this marvelous young artist. Bravo Katsuya!"

                                                                                     Ron Della Chiesa

                                                                                     WCRB, Radio

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